What to Expect From a Listing Agent

What to Expect From a Listing Agent

You already know that the best way to sell your home, and for the most profit, is to hire a listing agent. The fact is that people who sell using a real estate agent make more profit and have a smoother transaction than those who try to do it themselves. Yet often consumers don’t know everything the listing agent does. Listing a home properly entails so much more than putting a lockbox on the front door and slapping a sign in the yard.

The listing agent is your advocate and partner in the selling process. They help guide you through the transaction, negotiate on your behalf, and work with the buyer’s agents to get you the best deal possible. A good listing agent will provide you with regular updates and input from showings. The most important thing is to discuss and set expectations at the beginning.

Some sellers ask that their agent attend all showings. This is typical with luxury properties, for example. But often they do most of their work behind the scenes, encouraging offers, negotiating counter offers, working with lenders and appraisers, handling loose ends and hiccups.

Once in a while, things don’t go well. The partnership becomes difficult or impossible. Since almost all listings involve a reasonable time limit, you may feel trapped or hopeless that there is a solution. In this case, you do have options. First, if your agent works for a brokerage, call the managing broker who can mediate, or if necessary, reassign your listing if needed.

Your agent is your partner. Be honest and open with your needs and expectations. In this way, you can work together to sell your home quickly and for the best price and terms possible.

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